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Articles on Law of Attraction Basics:

Deliberate Receiving E-Book and AudioAudio File - his book fully explains what the Law of Attraction is, how you create your own reality, and how to deliberately receive the reality you want. I made it available for free because I feel that everyone should have access to this basic knowledge, and the rest of the site really builds on this foundation.

How to Visualize - The Secret to What Visualization Really IsAudio File What is visualization really, and how does it actually help us to create our reality? Is there a right way or a wrong way to visualize?

Debunking the 7 Greatest Myths about the Law of AttractionAudio File nearly everyone in Western society has heard the phrase "Law of Attraction". A lot of people, however, have picked up snippets and incomplete information here and there and don't really have a solid understanding of how the law works.

Law of Attraction - How the Universe Delivers Our ManifestationsAudio File If I think about a million dollars with laser like focus, will I just wake up one morning and find a huge pile of cash in bed next to me? Well, no. The Universe delivers manifestations in the form of insights, hunches and coincidences.

Action Versus Inspired ActionAudio File There's a huge difference between taking action in order to make something happen and taking inspired action, which is moving with the energy in motion. The key is to recognize when you're trying to make things happen, instead of allowing the manifestations to appear.

How to Develop Your Intuition When talking about metaphysics and the law of attraction, we spend a great deal of time discussing our ability to use our intuitive senses. "Use your intuition" we're told. But what exactly is intuition and how do we go about developing this sixth sense?

How We Co-Create Our Reality With Others We create our reality through the vibrations we send out. These vibrations are a result of the thoughts we think and focus on. But if we create everything in our reality, all of it, where do other people come in? Can we control others with our vibration?

Articles about Vibrations

How Our Thoughts Affect Our VibrationsAudio File The thoughts you think form a collective vibration. The more focus you give to a thought, the more thoughts of the same vibration will join it. This is the Law of Attraction in action - like attracts like.

Can Other People's Vibrations Affect You?Audio File We actually have the ability to affect each other's vibrations, especially if we're not conscious of the fact that this is happening. But how exactly does this happen and what can we do about it?

How to Raise Your VibrationAudio File One of the key steps to successfully using the Law of Attraction to deliberately receive your reality, is learning how to raise your vibration. But what exactly do we mean by "vibration" and how do we go about raising it?

How To MeditateAudio File Meditation doesn't have to be difficult or make you feel uncomfortable. When done correctly, it should be the exact opposite of those - easy and really pleasant.

How to Deal With Energy Vampires We all know at least one energy vampire. They might be perfectly nice, in fact, they generally are, but spending time with them leaves you feeling drained and weak. They complain to you about their lives, you commiserate with them. You so want to help them feel better, and they often do after speaking with you. But at what cost? Is there a way to deal with these energy vampires, other than cutting them out of your life altogether? How can you protect yourself against other people "robbing" you of your energy?

Vibrational Discord Explained Our emotions serve as a feedback system, letting us know how close or far away we are from Who We Really Are. Negative emotions are an indicator of vibrational discord. But what exactly do I mean by vibrational discord, and how does that translate into real world examples of how we manifest our reality?

Articles about Emotions

The Purpose of Our EmotionsAudio File Most people think that emotions are nothing more than a reaction to an event. But this is untrue. Emotions are an important part of a mechanism designed to help us remember who we are and what we're here for.

The Emotional Scale - What Our Emotions MeanAudio File The emotions we experience can be mapped out on an emotional scale, from joy to utter despair. Here's how to figure out where you are on this scale and deliberately begin to work your way up.

The Power of Anger - Why it's OK to be AngryAudio File Many of us have learned to avoid being angry, and we block ourselves from the healing that moving into and through this vital emotion can bring.

How to Forgive and Why it's Important That You Do SoAudio File It doesn't matter if the offense was large or small - the concept is the same whether we're talking about a broken heart or a stolen parking space. When you hold on to the anger, when you get stuck in blaming the other person and refuse to move on, you are hurting no one but yourself.

Fear Part I - How to Deal with Panic AttacksAudio File Millions of people experience panic attacks every day, and that number seems to be rising. But what exactly is fear? And what can we do about it?

Fear Part II - What is Fear and How to Release ItAudio File Fear is an emotion, just like any other. If you are having panic attacks, there is something in your belief system that isn't serving you. The underlying belief, however, may not be a fear of something at all.

How to Overcome Impatience Impatience is a response to fear. The fear that you will never achieve what it is that you're working towards, for example, or the fear of missing out on something. This fear response leads to a desire to control not only the outcome, but HOW that outcome will come about. I'll give you an example.

Articles about Beliefs

Releasing Negative Beliefs - What Does That Really Mean?Audio File When engaging in self-improvement or energy work or studying the Law of Attraction, we're often told that we have to release our negative and limiting beliefs. But what exactly do we mean by that?

Spiritual and Rich - An Oxymoron?Audio File Are we allowed to earn a living from anything to do with spirituality? Is it ok to be spiritual and rich?

Articles about Who We Really Are

The Meaning of Life - Why Are We Here? What's it all for? Why are we here? I've spent my entire life trying to answer this question. But I've found an answer. Read on to find out what I've discovered.

The Only Spiritual Guru you'll ever needAudio File While reading through the information in this site and others, how do you know who and what to listen to? This article suggests that you are your own best guru, when it comes to searching for spiritual growth.

Recognizing Your GreatnessAudio File We can easily see it in other people. But the second someone mentions how good WE are at something, we tend to get uncomfortable. There is, however, a big difference between recognizing your greatness and being arrogant.

How to Find Your Life Purpose A lot of people talk about finding their life purpose, assuming that it's some predetermined plan they've somehow lost track of and now have to find. And if we fail, if we don't happen to find this purpose, we'll be doomed to spend the rest of our lives as empty, unhappy sacks. Sad, isn't it? This is a rather skewed view of how the Universe works.

Tapping into Universal Knowledge Every possibility of every choice that anyone in the Universe could've made has been and is being played out. And all of that data is part of the collective consciousness. Since we are all connected, since we are all part of the same energy, we all have access to this huge database of experiences. Universal Knowledge is this database, and we can each tap into it any time we like. But we don't have to go into a trance to do it.

Articles about Living with LOA Everyday

Can I Use the Law of Attraction to Make a Specific Person Love Me?Audio File The Law of Attraction states that we create our own reality, and that we can have anything we want. But how does this work when it comes to love and other people? Can we attract a specific person? Can we make someone love us?

Why Having Empathy is the Last Way to Help SomeoneAudio File When we see someone suffering, either physically or emotionally, most of us will have a strong desire to help them in some way. We feel sorry for people in pain, we feel empathy. But are we really helping them? From an energetic perspective, the answer is: absolutely not.

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