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If you've covered the Law of Attraction Basics, you'll have learned that our emotions are part of a powerful vibrational feedback system. Our feelings tell us how beneficial the frequencies we're aligning with are.

The following articles offer further, more specific explanations on the subject of emotions.

The Purpose of Emotions fully explores what emotions are and just how important they are to our ability to live the lives we've always wanted. It's vital to understand that we do not have to be at the mercy of our emotions and feelings. We can choose how we want to feel, if we know how.

The Emotional Scale will show you how to deliberately work your way up from whatever emotional state you may be in at the moment to pure happiness and joy. It will also help you to understand why we feel the different emotions that we do and what each of them means.

One of the most important, and most generally misunderstood emotions in our current society, is anger. Many of us have been taught not to express anger, and often not to even feel it. The Power of Anger explains just how detrimental and dangerous is can be to suppress anger and why it's so important to learn how to properly express it.

A large part of being angry centers around blame. And while each emotion and feeling have their place and are an important part of the entire process, it's important not to become stuck in any one place. How to Forgive and Why it's Important That You Do So describes how to go beyond anger and blame and move forward.

One of the most debilitating emotions we can experience is fear, particularly when that fear manifests itself as a physical sensation. Fear Part I - How to Deal With Panic Attacks explores what panic attacks are from an energetic point of view, and how to react if you or someone you love is having one. Fear Part II - What is Fear and How to Release It further explores the emotion of fear, why we experience it and how to begin to shift its energy.

The fear that you may never get something that you think you need or want can lead to massive frustration and impatience. How to Overcome Impatience breaks down what this emotion is and what to do about it.

Continue reading about what Vibrations really are and how they affect us, the role our beliefs play in creating our reality and what you can do about it, and finally, who we really are.

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