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If you've covered the Law of Attraction Basics, you'll have learned that our thoughts determine our vibrations, which create our reality. Thoughts that we've been focusing on over and over again will turn into a belief, and these beliefs have the power to push us forward or completely block our progress. We all harbor countless beliefs, many of which we're not even aware of. If something is holding you back, it's most likely a conflicting or negative belief.

The following articles offer further, more specific explanations on the subject of beliefs.

As part of our "work" - deliberately determining our vibration and cleaning up our frequency so that what we want can manifest quickly and effortlessly - we are often asked to ferret out negative beliefs and release them. But what does that really mean? Releasing Negative Beliefs offers a simple explanation in response to this question.

One of the insidious global beliefs that many (if not all) of us picked up along the way is the one that states that poverty is virtuous. As a result, many spiritually minded people feel tremendous amounts of guilt when trying to make a living, or even worse, elevate their standard of living. Spiritual and Rich - An Oxymoron? addresses this issue and argues that this outdated belief not only no longer serves us, but was never true to begin with, when seen through the eyes of Universal energy.

Continue reading about what Vibrations really are and how they affect us, what our emotions mean, and finally, who we really are.

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