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The Basics

The Law of Attraction is a Universal law that states that "Like Attracts Like". It explains that we create our own reality. And it, at its core, explains how EVERYTHING works. The Law of Attraction is really quite simple and can be easily understood (or remembered) once you break it down to its fundamental basics.

The following articles explain these basics of the Law of Attraction, and are designed to give you a good, solid understanding of the underlying principles in a way that you can apply to your life today.

If you have not yet done so, please download your free copy of the Deliberate Receiving e-book and/or audio. I wrote this book (instead of trying to pack all of this info into a series of articles) in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the basics of the Law of Attraction. This book fully explains what the Law of Attraction is, how you create your own reality, and how to deliberately receive the reality you want. I made it available for free because I feel that everyone should have access to this basic knowledge, and the rest of the site really builds on this foundation.

One of the key skills the book talks about is visualization. The article How to Visualize - The Secret to What Visualization Really Is explores this skill further. What exactly happens when we visualize, and why is it so important? What does it have to do with the creation process? Debunking the 7 Greatest Myths About the Law of Attraction aims to give a clearer understanding of what the Law of Attraction is NOT. Since the movie The Secret came out, there's been a flood of LOA information on the internet, in magazines, in bookstores and on TV. But not all of this information is complete and some of it is just blatantly false. This article aims to clear up some of this confusion.

Law of Attraction - How the Universe Delivers Our Manifestationsfurther explores one of the points raised in the "Myths" article - exactly how do we receive what we want? One of the key skills this article addresses is using your intuition to help you make decisions which are aligned with who you really are.

But how do you know when the action you're taking is in alignment with your desires or not? Action Versus Inspired Action will give you insight on how to tell the difference. Knowing when to act or not, or HOW to act, also relies heaving on knowing how to use your intuition. If this is something new for you, How to Develop Your Intuition will help to get you started.

If we do create our own reality, and we do, how do other people figure into it? Can we control their behavior? How We Co-Create Our Reality With Others addresses these questions and gives a more advanced understanding of the Law of Attraction.

Once you've gained a good understanding of what the Law of Attraction is (and what it's not), you're ready to explore some deeper subjects such as, what Vibrations really are and how they affect us, what our emotions mean, the role our beliefs play in creating our reality and what you can do about it, and finally, who we really are.

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