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Personal Development. Spiritual Growth. Happy Shiny Puppies. LOL cats. Cursing.
What the hell more could you possibly want?

Oh yeah... this:

Here are a few things you should know:

  • The Law of Attraction isn't just for weirdos. In fact, we don't really want the weirdos anymore. We've gone mainstream now. If you're a weirdo, go away. Go on. Shoo.
  • The Law of Attraction does actually make sense, if someone bothers to explain it to you instead of asking you to just believe. This isn't about blind faith. It's about the mechanics of the Universe, how everything works and more importantly, how you can utilize that knowledge to your advantage (read: to get yours).
  • The Law of Attraction brought you here. You may think it was Google, but you'd be wrong. Google is the Law of Attraction's bitch.
  • The Law of Attraction, spirituality and self-improvement don't have to be all serious. In fact, if you want to be happy, I'd highly suggest that you dig up your sense of humor, dust it off, give it one of those Adrenalin shots to the heart, and bring it to the party.
  • Not everything on this site is funny, some of it is quite technical, some is inspirational, but all of it is informative and mostly entertaining.
  • The Law of Attraction isn't just about material stuff. It explains Who You Really Are, why you're here and can help you find the happiness and joy you've always deserved.

What you'll find on this site:

Articles - These are fairly technical (yet understandable) explanations of how energy works and how we actually go about creating our reality. There are also "informational" graphics with smiley faces to keep you amused.

Audio - Download these podcasts to your iThingy and listen to my boundless wisdom on the go.

Video - Educational videos and an ever increasing collection of Video blogs (yep, you actually get to see little old me on camera), explaining Law of Attraction principles and how to apply them to your life.

The Blog - Practical advice on how you can apply the Law of Attraction in the real world and manifest whatever you want. No question is left unanswered. Seriously. Ask me and I'll answer it. Also, there are funny pictures.

Free E-book - Get a Free e-book and audio recording, which fully explain how the Law of Attraction works, in exchange for your email address. It's a fair trade. I promise to treat it with tenderness and respect and have it home by 11.

What to do next:

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    *Or don't and stay frustrated and confused. I mean, I'm not trying to tell you what to do... Just saying.

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  3. Connect with me. Otherwise, I'll feel like one of those weirdos in the park with a megaphone screaming into the crowd. Become part of the conversation and let me know that you're out there.

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  5. Read everything you can on this site and then brag to all your friends that you now understand how everything works.
  6. Send me the questions that your friends asked you which you couldn't answer.

Seriously, I'm really glad that you've found your way to my site and I truly hope that you find it valuable, if even just in some small way. If I can inch you a little bit closer to annoying everyone you know with your bouncy Happy Shiny Puppy happiness, I've done my job.

Huge happy shiny puppy hugs,


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